Classic Victorian

Denver, Colorado

Photography by Victor of Valencia

Denver interior design should enhance the rich history of Victorian style homes and other historic architectural styles, and these clients wanted to do exactly that with their cozy and transformative renovation project. Classic and timeless meets current and fresh in this project that expertly and meticulously blends the old with the new.

Brayton Interiors transformed this Victorian style house in the Historic Highlands Neighborhood of Denver to create a more current, functional kitchen that still maintained the historic charm of the classic home. Located within one of Denver’s historic districts, the design services that our interior design firm provided included work with the Landmark Preservation Commission and navigating historic district regulations in order to make appropriate and impactful improvements that were representative of the architectural styles of the Victorian era…while also giving the clients modern luxuries that meet and exceed current societal expectations.

Brayton’s interior designers personalized the space by drawing from their global resource library, including hand-painted Delft tiles from the Netherlands for the backsplash, a faucet and pendant lights from the United Kingdom, wall sconces from the United States, and a custom island built to fit the space and suit the homeowners’ lifestyle built locally in Colorado.